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Zellige Ceramic Tile Collections

Karoistanbul's Zellige ceramic tiles bring both warmth and character to your spaces with their handmade elegance, unique aesthetic variety, and durability. These specially designed tiles for each project perfectly reflect the harmony of traditional craftsmanship with modern architecture.

Karoistanbul offers high-quality Zellige ceramic tiles that blend the elegance of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship with modern design. Zellige tiles are handmade, glazed, and natural clay-based ceramics. Each tile, with its unique texture and color variations, adds warmth and character to any space.

The production process of Zellige tiles requires great skill. Natural clay is hand-shaped by artisans and, after drying, is fired in traditional kilns. Then, each tile is carefully glazed and fired again to achieve its final shine and color depth. This handmade process ensures that each tile offers a unique and slightly imperfect aesthetic, which is a distinctive feature that sets Zellige apart from other ceramic tiles.

Karoistanbul's Zellige ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of colors and various sizes. Vibrant colors, combined with matte and glossy finish options, provide designers and architects with limitless creative possibilities. These tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior applications, from wall coverings to kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms to floors.

Zellige tiles are also notable for their durability and long-lasting nature. With proper installation and maintenance, these tiles can retain their beauty for years, and their easy-to-clean surface makes them a practical choice as well.

Karoistanbul prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering unique solutions for each project. Their experienced team works closely with clients at every step to develop the best solutions to meet the aesthetic and functional expectations of the projects.

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