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A Journey in Restoring Aesthetic Value to Forgotten Tiles

Creating aesthetic, long-lasting products

At Karoistanbul, we're proud to have played a role in reviving encaustic cement tiles, which were once almost extinct.

We're dedicated to reproducing these handmade floor and wall tiles that were widely used in many cultures in the past. By combining our years of workshop experience with our designers' modern and visionary approach, we bring new aesthetic value to these nearly forgotten tiles.
With our modern techniques, we're able to create bespoke productions in any desired pattern, color, and size.

Some Colorful Cement Tiles
Karoistanbul Seramic Wall

Karoistanbul gets inspired by the past and aims to improve 
the quality of its products and to expand the range by
using today's technology.

Therefore, this is why Karoistanbul is called as a
pioneer in its field.


The foundations of Mavi Pencere were laid by Painter Zekai Bostancı in a small art studio in Istanbul Moda.


R&D studies were initiated on cement tiles, and all findings related to the subject were documented over the years. As a result, a fading craftsmanship and culture was preserved.


This small atelier, besides painting, began production of stained glass, mosaic panels, and ceramic tiles.


The team started production of this traditional material while enhancing its technical and aesthetic aspects. They later institutionalized their efforts under the name of Karoistanbul.

Traditional and modern tiles, terrazzo  and ceramics…

All handmade patterned tile mosaics are produced by pressing a mixture of cement, marble powder, natural stone granules, sand and color pigments at high pressure.

Our Team.

Our Design Process

All handmade patterned tile mosaics are produced by pressing a mixture of cement, marble powder, natural stone granules, sand and color pigments at high pressure.


Karoistanbul encaustic cement tile productions is in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 , ISO 14001:2015 Quality Management System and TS 213-1 EN 13748-1 Production Standard by Turkish Standards Institution.

Unlike the old production process of the tiles , Karoistanbul tiles are pressed with high pressure, which makes the tiles harder and less absorbent.

  • The colour pigments that are used in the production of the tiles are UV resistant.

  • For the cement tile flooring process, a high quality ceramic adhesive should get use.

  • Impregnation sealent that provide stain and water resistance and do not form a film layer on the surface should be applied.

  • Using Chemical polishes which would cause forming a film layer on the surface is not recommended.

  • Acidic cleaning agents are never used for cleaning or maintenance on the cement tiles.

Karoistanbul production process
Karoistanbul production process
Karoistanbul production process
Karoistanbul cement tiles production process

Press & Publications

Mavi Pencere Güzel Sanatlar Atölyesi has not only embraced this craft which was almost completely forgotten but has also transformed these tiles into a product of high aesthetic level by combining past workshop experiences with universal art values.

Karoistanbul does not accept alleging the imprecise, defective and poor quality production by saying it is “handmade production”; It interprets the hand work as an effort to reach the perfect product, based on the undeniable fact that the handprint from each product is sensed.

2019 Clerkenwell Design Week logo

See our workshop videos below from Clerkenwell Design Week where we demonstrated how to make handmade floor tiles.

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