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Scarpa Marble Tiles Series

Scarpa marble is named after the famous Italian architect and designer Carlo Scarpa and was frequently used in his architectural projects. Scarpa marble is widely preferred both indoors and outdoors due to its aesthetic and durability properties.

Scarpa marble is usually in shades of gray, but it can also have white, beige and black veins. These veins contribute to the natural appearance and aesthetic appeal of marble. It is a high density and durable type of marble. Thanks to these features, it is long-lasting and resistant to abrasion.

Karoistanbul Scarpa marble offers an elegant and sophisticated appearance. It is used for floor coverings, wall coverings, countertops and decorative elements in interior designs. It is also preferred in exterior facade cladding and other architectural details.

Interior Design: It is used in interior elements such as floor and wall coverings, marble countertops, fireplaces and bathroom elements.
Outdoor Design: It is widely preferred in outdoor applications such as facade cladding, columns, stairs and sculpture.
Architectural Projects: Scarpa marble is used as a stylish and durable material in both modern and classical architecture.

Regular maintenance and cleaning is important to maintain the beauty of Scarpa marble. Acidic cleaners should be avoided and marble surfaces should be wiped regularly with a damp cloth. Additionally, surfaces may need to be protected and polished with appropriate products to prevent stains. Scarpa marble is a type of natural stone that reflects Carlo Scarpa's elegant and functional design philosophy. It is preferred by many architects and designers with its durability and aesthetic appeal.

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