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Symbol Cement Tile Collections

Our symbol-patterned cement tiles merge aesthetics and functionality, providing architects and decorators with a wide range of design and color choices for their creative projects. Each tile is handcrafted, giving it a unique and authentic appearance. Alongside traditional patterns, motifs developed in line with modern design sensibilities create both classic and contemporary atmospheres in spaces.

At Karoistanbul, we produce cement tiles that, in addition to anonymous traditional cement tile patterns, incorporate symbolic Anatolian, Ottoman, and Seljuk motifs. Our collections consist of embellishments enriched with animal and plant motifs. With our new tile collections, we inspire architects and decorators by offering more design and color options for their creative projects.

Karoistanbul stands out with its symbol-patterned cement tiles that combine traditional tile art with modern touches, offering a rich array of designs. Our products include elements such as symbolic motifs reflecting Anatolian cultural heritage, Ottoman and Seljuk period ornaments, and animal and plant figures, in addition to anonymous traditional cement tile patterns. This allows us to bring historical and cultural textures into modern living spaces.

The durability and longevity of our products make them a preferred choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Symbol-patterned cement tiles can be used in floor and wall coverings, kitchen and bathroom countertops, pool surrounds, and many other areas. It is also possible to create personalized designs with combinations of different patterns and colors.

At Karoistanbul, we aim to inspire the future while bringing traces of the past into the present with our innovative and original designs. Each pattern is inspired by Anatolia’s rich cultural heritage, making it an ideal choice to bring this heritage into your living spaces. We are proud to contribute to architects' and decorators' creative projects by offering more options and sources of inspiration with our new tile collections.

With our symbol-patterned cement tiles, we bring together aesthetics and functionality, allowing you to decorate your living spaces in a unique and elegant way. Discover Karoistanbul products to achieve the perfect harmony of traditional and modern.

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