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Border Cement Tile Collections

Karoistanbul Border cement tiles are cement-based tiles generally used to create decorative borders. Curb cement tiles are generally produced from durable and long-lasting cement material. By offering a wide range of patterns and colors, it appeals to different decorative needs and tastes. They are durable enough to be used indoors and outdoors, so they are preferred for floor and wall coverings.

Karoistanbul border cement tiles stand out with their superior quality, unique design and wide usage areas. It adds value to spaces by offering both aesthetic and functional solutions in interior and exterior spaces. 
The features that distinguish Karoistanbul border cement tiles from other brands and the areas of use of these tiles are as follows:

Handmade Production:
Karoistanbul produces handmade border cement tiles. This ensures that each tile is unique and special.
High Quality Materials:
The cement and pigments used in production are selected from high quality and durable materials. This ensures that the tiles are long-lasting and the colors do not fade.

Traditional and Modern Patterns:
Karoistanbul offers both traditional and modern pattern options. This wide range of patterns fits any decorating style.
Environmentally Friendly Production:
Environmentally friendly methods and materials are used in the production process. This shows that Karoistanbul is committed to the principle of sustainability.
Customizable Designs:
Offers customizable designs according to customers' specific needs. This provides personalized and original decoration solutions.
Mastery and Experience:
Karoistanbul produces with years of experience and mastery. This increases the quality and aesthetic value of the tiles.

Usage areas

1. Interiors:
Kitchens: Can be used as a countertop, floor or decorative border.
Bathrooms: Provides an aesthetic touch in shower areas, behind sinks or floor coverings.
Living Rooms: Can be used as floor covering or wall decoration.
Corridors: It can add elegance to corridors as a floor border.

2. Outdoors:
Gardens: It gives an elegant look to outdoor spaces by using it on walkways, terraces and patio floors.
Entrance Areas: It can be used as a decorative border at home or building entrances.
3. Commercial Areas:
Restaurants and Cafes: It increases the ambiance of the place by using it as floor covering or wall decoration.
Hotels: It is preferred as an aesthetic and durable option in lobbies, corridors and common areas.
Stores: It adds elegance and character to stores as a floor border or wall decoration.

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