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Big Cement Tiles Series 40x40

Cement tiles are handmade using high-strength materials. Since the raw materials used in production are natural, there may be differences in tone between tiles. This is a feature that makes each tile unique. The use of natural materials increases the durability of the tiles and ensures their longevity. It alson allowa cement tiles to have a natural and rustic look. With these features, cement tiles become an important element of decotarion by adding an aestetic atmosphere to all kind of spaces.

Big Cement Tiles 40x40 02

Handmade tiles

Made to order. Ships from warehouse within 10-12 weeks.
Minimum order 10-12 m2

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Handmade encaustic tile by Karo Istanbul are made in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and TS EN 13748-1 Production Standard. 
With its past goes back to 18th century, the body of the tiles is made up of multiple types of cement.  As such, the patterns never wither even if tile wears off in time. Encaustic tiles, made by Tago Tiles, are suitable for all flooring applications, business or houses, from floors, walls to terraces and many indoor and outdoor areas. 
Handmade Tago Tiles - Karo Istanbul collection tiles use in their productions high-quality cement (PC 52,5 R), marble dust, natural stone granules, natural color pigments and micron size granular sand, pressed under the high pressures (120 Bar) (1700 PSI).  As a result, less water absorption and higher pressure resistance are achieved.  
Thus, they are packed with resistances that are suitable for heavy traffic areas such as hotel, restaurant, cafe and shopping centers.  They can also be used in outdoor and indoor areas not exposed to frost. 

Tiles are individually hand-made in colors and properties tailored to the customer request.  Customized new designs and textures are possible upon request. 

a) Materials 
Color Layer: Portland cement, micron size marble dust, marble chips (optional), additive, special chemicals, iron oxide color pigments 
Back Layer:  Gray Portland cement, granular sand, chemicals 

b) Product Components 
Color Layer: This layer bonded to the tile body with 1,700 PSI (120 bar) mechanical pressure is 3-4 mm +/- thick. Consists of PC 52,5 white Portland cement, marble dust, and mineral color pigments (iron oxides and organic). 
Tile Body:  14 mm thick and consists of following:  PC 42,5 R gray Portland cement and granulometric sand 
Sizes: 20 cm x 20 cm x 1.80 cm +/- (8 "x 8" x 5,6/8 ")
· 1.5 kg / tile (3.37 lbs) +/-
· 37,5 kg / m2 (7,35 lbs / sqf) +/-

c) Friction Coefficient 
Dry / Polished:  0.83    Dry / Non-polished: 0.88
Wet / Polished:  0.68    Wet/ Non-polished: 0.92

d) Scratch Resistance
Scratch Resistance of encaustic tiles of Karo Istanbul collection is approx. 3 - 4 according to MOHS scale. Similar to scratch resistance of black marble. 

e) Freeze / Thaw resistance 
Just as concrete, unprotected encaustic tiles are not resistance to freeze/thaw cycles.  It must be protected with sealants penetrable into tile body or with an acrylic-based second layer. This will be needed more in the outdoors and locations liable to frost risk. 

f) Acid Resistance 
Encaustic tiles are not acid-resistant. Therefore they must be cleaned with neutral cleaners with a pH of around 7. 

g) Use in the wet areas 
For showers, spa and pools, an effective and high-quality sealant must be used.   The water absorption of encaustic tiles is at the level of 9.5% - 10.5%. Therefore, signs of algae growth may be seen on the color layer in time. 

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