Karoistanbul serves for restoration of very important examples of architecture buildings dating from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20 th century.

Karoistanbul has re-produced the floor and wall encaustic cement tiles of the following listed important buildings which are cultural heritage;  such as Affan Mosque, the Maritime Museum (Antakya), Central Istanbul, TCDD Feneryolu, Kızıltoprak, Tavsancil, Ispartakule … station buildings, Kamondo Apartment, Dogan Apartment, Rizzo Apartment, Serdar-i Ekrem Apartment, Anarat Higutyun Church, Exchange Museum, Gumusyan Hotel, Erzurum Khan, Pasha Sureyya Opera House, the Golden Horn Cultural Center, Yenikapi Mevlevi Lodge (Istanbul), Mister Yahsi Mansion (Mudanya-Bursa), Pergamon Library (Izmir), Primary School of The Governor Mr. Kazim Pasha from Torbali (Izmir), Ahmet Pasha Vefik Scene of Bursa State Theatre , Konya Train Station Guesthouse (Konya) …


First of all, the surface of tiles come from that kind of buildings are cleaned by various methods and then the colors become clear when the date tiles have been produced. Pattern is copied without loss of fidelity.

Aggregate size, aggregate density and the stones / minerals of the aggregates were obtained are determined with the aid of magnifier. The clues of the tiles production place can help us to find out the geographical area of the raw materials obtained. Every clue and detail are evaluated with great care such as detective expert who is chasing up a lost object.

 The alternatives formed from many various components of the colors are tried and recorded to achieve the colors in the pattern. After curing of test tiles which are produced in this way, grinding and polishing process are carried out, and compared with the original sample till the nearest tile result is obtained. Karoistanbul acts with an art institute responsibility in this regard.

Karoistanbul, besides the restoration of the encaustic cement tiles, also contributes to restoration works by reproducing casting ladder steps and mosaic floors of the old buildings.


Karoistanbul has ability to solve the problems of the molds of the sample encaustic cement tiles in its in-house mold atelier which belongs to any size pattern and come from institution or company carrying out restoration of old buildings. Karoistanbul has substantial master and technical personnel, technical infrastructure from traditional to state of the art, know-how which cannot be had by anyone tile producer in the world.

Karoistanbul has in-house laboratory for safely detection of bending, endurance, fracture, water absorption, abrasion, aggregate massiveness, etc.

Within the structure of Karoistanbul; there are architects, painters, graphic designers, industrial designers workers who educated in Applied Fine Arts, nurtured by Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts & The Fine Arts Academy discipline. This team who have artists sensitivity and responsibility are important guarantee for the relevant institutions and companies which work for restoration of the old buildings.

Bize Mesaj Gönder

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