Karo İstanbul is a company of personnel from designers with a major in fine arts, industrial engineers, technical personnel to masters. Continuous R&D and laboratory works do not leave any stage of the process to chance with steam curing systems and mold production department etc. Size and thicknesses of the products, color layer thicknesses, etc. become standardized comparing to firms in the same business across the world.

• Tile production is a profession which requires aesthetic, qualification, mastery, engineer and also cares. It is a process which must be managed very carefully and knowingly from color preparation, mixture adjustment, casting to curing, drying to packaging and even to tiling, grinding-polish, and impregnation.  Without having the knowledge and skill to manage this process very good, it should not be surprising to have a ground, soft like a Cookie, absorbing high levels of dirt, low level of pressure resistance, quickly wearing off, stained in a few months making it difficult to clean, dislocated patterns, a slim paint layer, withered colors and full of capillary cracks.

• Every mark on the tile can be seen as a problem, however, it should be noted that every process from cement mixture preparation to casting, from pressing, steam room to quality control is individually handled by hand, which reflects as a “handprint” on the tiles. Tiles may have slight edge cracks, color shades, pattern offsets and thickness variation. However, for such print to become a matter of complaint, said print must damage the appearance of the tiling or result in a lower performance of tiling in the normal use conditions than those of anticipated ones.

• Failure to make tiling or grinding workmanship correctly will also reflect in the tile; tiles will be broken, dislocated or show similar reactions.  The quality of a tiling depends on the quality of the material applied, installation, maintenance and repair of the tiles.   Therefore, said the problem may be caused by any of such factors.

• Failure to follow the instructions and rules provided in the “ Technical Information about Tiling, Grinding, Protective Application and Care of Tiles” document, using abrasive cleaning materials in cleaning works after tiling, cleaning the tiles with abrasive chemicals or abrasive materials are the main reasons behind surface of the tiles exposing stains for longer periods of time.

Bize Mesaj Gönder

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