We are the manufacturers of Cement Tile based on Fine Arts Academy. Since 1990, we have been making production of encaustic cement-based tiles under the name of KAROISTANBUL.

As Karoistanbul, we reproduce handmade flooring and wall finishing, which are belong to all cultures in the World, by reuniting with their belongings of the universal basic art morals…

We add an aesthetical value to the unique, handmade and almost extinction tiles by compounding our atelier experience with the modern and visionary attitude of our designers. We get a successful result by evaluating the restoration tiles with our distinctive perspective and original machines, special glaze formula, stable color matching and handmade techniques.

All our cement tiles reserve their traditional handmade character in their quality. We provide specially prepared services for our clients. We can make production in any style, volume or dimension with our modern techniques.

We are glad for contributing to make this craft a focus of interest all over the World again, which is facing extinction except for a few small ateliers in Morocco and Vietnam after 1950.


“Years ago, something stopped me late in the afternoon as I was passing by an old house in Moda. It was that old house calling me – I used to walk past this house and, down on my knees, dusted it off with my hands many times. Somehow, it has always fascinated me. Anyway, then I turned back and stopped at the door. The house had the look of an orphan, battered and chastened. I was stunned. I noticed that the light at the door has changed and the house lacked its patterned tiles-cement tiles. They were covered in ceramics. The surface of such an artistic craftsmanship was masked with a foreign industrial product which had no personality whatsoever.

This was how our relationship with the patterned tiles-cement tiles began 30 years ago.

A monumental asset was about to fade away…

We started an archive study with the aim to keep this cultural value alive. With an amateur spirit, we photographed ceramic glazes wherever we came across one and collected samples of patterns and colors. We, of course, also came upon interesting incidents during this process. We came upon people who prevented us from taking photos, got suspicious of us, chased us, and threatened us to make a complaint with the police, and there were even people who said: “How much would you pay for those ceramic glazes?” Despite all of these things, we spread this work to all the districts of Istanbul and, in a gradual manner, to all the cities of Turkey. When we noticed someone saying that he is going to, say, Antakya we gave a camera to that person and kindly told him: “Photograph every ceramic glaze you come across.” After some time, many people started to contribute to this archive voluntarily without us asking for help. Our archive boasts about 3,000 recorded models and over 1,000 recorded mold models… A French company catalog dating back to 100 years ago; books showing the floorings made as of Pompei; and paintings depicting indoor areas with tiles on their floors… We have been archiving everything we find about ceramic glazes. We brought to light the cement tile tradition dating back to about over 160 years ago. In addition to the anonymous nostalgic patterns of this tradition, we also carried out some others with the help of exclusive designers: geometrical, herbal, Art Deco, Art Nouveau patterns, borders, corners, plain tiles… We have endless options.

Bize Mesaj Gönder

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